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Reading & Written Language Development

Linda specializes in helping children who have difficulty learning to read, write and/or spell.  Successfull reading, writing and spelling, require a child to learn and to use several complex language skills. Some of the necessary skills are...

  • Understanding the logistics of print (i.e., letters make-up word, words make-up sentences and sentences are read from left to right)

  • Phonology and phonemic awareness (i.e., process and understand the sounds that comprise words)

  • Alphabet knowledge

  • Letter/sound correspondence

  • Syllable identification

  • Strategies for decoding longer multisyllable words

  • Strategies for sight words and irregular words

  • Understanding written grammar

  • Fluency and accuracy in reading

  • Reading comprehension strategies (i.e., working memory, sequential thinking, prediciton, cause/effect)

  • Written organization

  • Written grammar and punctuation

  • Spelling

Because these skills are language based, speech pathologists are often the most skilled professionals to help a child who struggles with reading, writing and/or spelling.

Intervention starts with a comprehensive assessment. A comprehensive assessment typically includes assessing the child's...

  • Verbal receptive and expressive language

  • Phonological/sound awareness skills

  • Decoding skills

  • Reading comprehension skills

  • Written organization

  • Written grammar

  • Spelling

Information obtained from the comprehensive assessment is used to develop therapy goals and strategies for intervention.